18.03.2023 Upcoming work “ONSTAGE – The Concert” is a part of Helsinki Festival and Performing HEL

Kasurinen’s upcoming premiere “ONSTAGE – The Concert” is a part of Helsinki Festival and Performing HEL 2023.

23.11.2022 New Stage work “SURFACE” Premieres in Kuopio City theatre

Kasurinen’s stage work SURFACE premieres 24.11.2022 at Kopio City Theatre, co-produced by Dance Theatre Minimi. The piece has a performance period in Caisa, Helsinki 15.-17.12.2022.

10.06.2022 Live Stream in Iceland @ Reykjavik Art Festival

Live Stream takes place in Reykjavik Art Festival 10.6.2022, in festival Hub @ Iðnó. The work will be in a form of an installation for the whole day as well as a part of Art Cinema 19:00, together with an artist talk. Special thank you to Platgorm Gátt!

9.5.2022 One Dance Week and Antistatic Festival with Big Pulse Dance Alliance @ Sofia & Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Kasurinen took part in Visiting Artists Programme of Big Pulse Dance Alliance In Bulgaria 9.5.-16.5.

“The Big Pulse Visiting Artist programme invites artists to visit partner festivals, stimulating artistic development, creative exchange and valuable networking.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to visit diverse festivals, meet local artists, attend performances and gain inspiration and expertise as they progress in their work. It will also offer artists the chance to engage with presenters and promoters, providing essential networking opportunities.”

Huge thank you to Big Pulse Dance Alliance, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, One Dance Week, Antistatic Festival as well as EDN for the experience!

1.5. JÖRÐ – First Working period @ Faroe Islands

First working period of the project JÖRÐ took place in Faroe Islands 23.4.-1.5.2022. The video installation premieres 11.11.2022 @ KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This project has been supported by: Nordisk Kulturfond, Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Tórshavnar Kommunu, Mobility Funding og Norðurlandahúsið í Føroyum

06.04.2022 SURFACE premieres 24.11. @ Kuopio City Theatre

Kasurinen’s new stage work “SURFACE” Premieres 24.11.2022 at Kuopio City Theatre through Dance Theatre Minimi. The tickets are now out at

” SURFACE is a dance performance, a crooked fairytale and an antithesis for children’s stories; a humoristic, yet harrowing perspective on existing under the gaze. ”

More information about the performance:

16.11.2021 Platform Gátt in Reykjavik, Iceland

Kasurinen took part in the Platform GÁTT event in Reykjavik 15.11.2021-21.11.2021 together with 30 young artists from the Nordic Countries.

Platform GÁTT is a Nordic Council of Ministers’ project led by Reykjavík Arts Festival during 2019-2021. The Icelandic word ‘gátt’ derives from old Norse and means doorway. The main aim of the project is to ‘open up doors’ for young artists into the festival arena in the Nordic region.

Five high profile multi-disciplinary arts festivals and establishments in the Nordic countries come together in Platform GÁTT to highlight and support young emerging professional artists from the region through a series of events. The participating institutions and festivals are: Reykjavík Arts FestivalBergen International FestivalNuuk Nordic Culture festivalHelsinki Festival and The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.”

16.11.2021 TSC Residency for new work “SURFACE” in Spring 2022

Kasurinen’s new work SURFACE is chosen for TSC Residency in December 2021-January 2022.

“TSC Residencies objective is to serve as a platform for multidisciplinary experiments and to support especially freelance-based artists and collectives, and hence aiming for the development of the dance field as a whole. 

In January artist and choreographer Tiia Kasurinen will be working on a new staged work SURFACE, together with a team. The dance performance, set to premiere in 2022, is a crooked fairytale and an antithesis for children’s stories; a humoristic, yet harrowing perspective on existing under the gaze.”

14.10.2021 Review of “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” in Turku Newspaper

A review of I’m not entirely here (cybersad) in Turun Sanomat, 14.10.2021.

Tiia Kasurinen was responsible for Wednesday’s highlight with her solo work I’m not entirely here (cybersad). Inspired by social media posing culture and identity shaping, the dance piece was hypnotic to watch from start to finish. The phrase “hopefully one day you will find a way to be yourself”, heard in the performance few times, gets stuck in the head.

The unnaturally modified character of the work has something interesting in a similar way as a doll on stage. As the character begins to move, at first very surreptitiously and slowly and then bigger and faster, it feels both dead and alive at the same time. Like the doll, the character also has a certain sadness and vulnerability. Secondary motion material speaks of compulsion and stuck in something coming from the outside.

And yet, in all his discipline, Kasurinen’s work also has a sense of freedom and defiance. While the character dances mostly expressionlessly like in his own world, she occasionally makes eye contact with the audience rather than asking “why are you staring”? At one point, loud music and flickering strobe lights becomes almost violent to the viewer. The lightness but also the layering associated with posing is brought to the work by a series of Instagram images and portraits taken from art history, on the faces of which the eyes of the character of Kasurinen’s work have been implanted.”

12.10.2021 Interview at Turun Sanomat / Turku Newspaper

Irmeli Haapanen interviewed Kasurinen about her artistic work and the latest piece I’m not entirely here (cybersad) for Turun Sanomat.

20.09.2021 “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” at FINFRINGE, Turku 13.10.2021-14.10.2021

I’m not entirely here (cybersad) goes to Turku! Two performances at FINFRINGE-festival 13-14.10.2021 at Åbo Svenska Teatern. Tickets and more information below:

09.09.2021 Review of “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” at

Review of “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” in the Danish culture magazine ISCENE.

“The highlight of the festival, however, was unconditionally Tiia Kasurinen’s picturesque and almost transcendent social media dance performance “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)”. Modern in its expression and theme. Furiously refined in its choreographic formatting of the social media channels. Instagram is square; Tik-Tok as well – a separate dance language arises in the frame adopted from the screens of reality and young dancers.

Perhaps the strongest grip of the piece is the performer herself. Tiia Kasurinen grew up with social media. She embraces cyber identities and expands their understanding by mixing the digital universes with related analog gender-playful subcultures like the drag show. The performance is constructed of images of sadness, but exudes an intoxicating, playful curiosity that constantly twists perception. Fantastic performance, terrific grip, refreshing perspective. We would also like to see it in Denmark!”

“Festivalens højdepunkt var dog ubetinget Tiia Kasurinens billedskønne og næsten transcenderende SoMe-danseperformance I’m not entirely here (cybersad). Moderne i sit udtryk og tema. Rasende raffineret i sin koreografiske formatering af kanalerne. Instagram er kvadratisk. Tik-Tok ligeså. Et eget dansesprog opstår i rammen adopteret fra virkelighedens skærme og unge dansere.

Det stærkeste greb er måske performeren selv. Tiia Kasurinen er opvokset med sociale medier. Hun omfavner cyber-identiteter og udvider forståelsen af dem ved at mixe de digitale universer med relaterede analoge kønslegende subkulturer som dragshowet. Forestillingen er konstrueret af billeder af tristhed, men udstråler en berusende, legesyg nysgerrighed, der konstant twister perceptionen. Fantastisk forestilling, forrygende greb, forfriskende perspektiv. Den vil vi også gerne se i Danmark!”

02.09.2021 Collaboration with the visual artist Johanna Naukkarinen – “Anatomical Venus” – exhibition open at Yö-Galleria 2.-19.09.2021

Kasurinen collaborated with the visual artist Johanna Naukkarinen in her exhibition Anatomical Venus, presented in Yö Galleria 2.-19.9.2021.

Body Worlds: The Anatomical Venus (with Tiia Kasurinen), 2021

“The series re-imagines the anatomical Venus, an 18th century wax figure, into a Bodyworlds exhibition in active positions.

The anatomical Venus wax figures were first made in Italy during the 18th century. These figures were used for teaching anatomy to the general public and were moulded into the form inspired by the portrayal of Venus in the visual arts. They were beautiful, passive and placed to lie on silk. Their beauty was meant to distract people from thinking about death while learning anatomy.

The series created together with dance artist Tiia Kasurinen imitates the positions of bodies assigned as male presented in the images of the history of art and medicine. As the female characters in the historical images were placed to lie as passive objects, male characters were allowed to represent strength and humanity.

In the series the anatomical Venus performed by Tiia Kasurinen holds her signature embellishments like silk, pearls and long hair, but is also allowed to represent human body and it’s strength.”

23.08.2021 Short film “Live Stream” (2021) at New Performance Turku -Festival

Live Stream, video work premiering in New Performance Turku in September 2021. Photo: Johanna Naukkarinen

Kasurinen’s new work, short film Live Stream premieres at New Performance Turku, September 3.-5.9.2021. The work is made in collaboration with the artist Johanna Naukkarinen.

About the artists:

10.06.2021 I’m not entirely here (cybersad) as a part of Performing HEL

“I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” is a part of Performing HEL, the showcase for Finnish performing arts.

“With performances, demos and production pitches, Performing HEL showcases the finest work from Finland. The showcase presents the full range of performing arts, including circus, dance and theatre, also delivered in exciting yet difficult-to-define combinations. Performing HEL takes place in August-September at the same

time with the Helsinki Festival – the largest arts festival in Finland. “

More about the Performance:

07.06.2021 “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” at Helsinki Festival

I’m not entirely here (cybersad). Photo: Saara Taussi

“I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” is a part of Helsinki Festival.

More about the Performance:


27.09.2020 Interview at Helsingin Sanomat / Helsinki Newspaper

Eleonoora Riihinen interviewed Kasurinen about her artistic work and her latest performance “I’m not entirely here (cybersad)” for Helsingin Sanomat. Read the full article here:

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